Our Approach



User Experience Design

We open people’s minds to the virtually limitless possibilities available when using all senses. Without great experiences, we cannot create lasting impressions. Experiences are highly personal and usually our clients have a clear idea of how an experience should feel, but are unclear about how they can make it come alive. This is where we step in. We work very closely with our collaborators to review each step of the envisioned experience and address the challenging gaps with solutions from the full depth of the sensory world.  Just like product design, our philosophy of experience design is to use sensory to enhance experiences and make them universally accessible to everyone involved.

Accessibility Projects

All of our work is based on the premise of universal accessibility. In other words, we use all types of sensory to make the world a more accessible place for everyone. We don't limit accessibility to anyone with physical impairment, but rather see it as a larger mission to make the senses we have available accessible to the maximum. One  example of universal accessibility are wheelchair ramps. Common perception is that they were installed for the small population of wheelchair users. But looking at the real use of these ramps today, they are equally used by bikers, parents pushing strollers and shopping cart users. This is the universal accessibility we aim for. 


Speaking engagements

Hoby Wedler is completely blind, he's earned a Ph.D. and has many tales to tell about successfully doing life as a blind person with vast interests. His motivational speaking has been widely appreciated from keynote lectures at both academic and corporate conferences to schools, colleges and universities to motivating altruistic groups like Rotary, Soroptomist and Kiwanis. He presents in a professional, entertaining, and informative style which gets people excited about the opportunities ahead of them. Again, we customize motivational remarks to pin point and deliver the desired message and to exceed our client’s expectations.