Our Story

Building a sensory business together

Hoby Wedler and Justin Vallandingham have been lifelong friends and now business partners for several years. Most recently, they founded Senspoint together in early 2017 with the purpose of opening the doors to sensory awareness, literacy and mindful design. In addition to their long history together, they share a passion for sensory exploration, which they often seek through traveling abroad. 


Hoby wedler

co-founder / CEO

Hoby is a scientist, food & beverage expert and a passionate explorer and innovator of sensory experiences. Blind since birth, he is unusually tuned into his surroundings and has frequently chosen to walk the unbeaten paths in life over known territories. In 2017, Hoby earned his PhD from UC Davis in computational organic chemistry, a subject that relies heavily on visual clues to understand complex organic connections. Hoby bridged the challenge by printing out molecules in 3D printers to see with his hands instead. His fearlessness is infectious and he has actively paved the way for others to join him in his quest to follow passions both because and despite of challenges. In 2011, Hoby founded Accessible Science, a non-profit organization which leads annual chemistry camps for blind or visually impaired students throughout North America. In the same year, he paired his knowledge in sciences with his passion for sensory analysis and began opening doors to the world of wine aromas by holding blindfolded tasting events at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Over the years, Hoby has become a motivational speaker, a mentor and educator to those who see and those who see differently alike. In his work, you will find a unique trilogy between sensory awareness, scientific knowledge and the love for sharing his insights, helping individuals and corporations to access and optimize their non-visual sensory experiences. Hoby’s numerous initiatives have been recognized by President Barack Obama in 2012 and Forbes Media in 2016, to name just a few, but moreover they have touched those whose sensory journeys he successfully guided to new levels of awareness.



University of California, Davis

  • Ph.D. in Computational Organic Chemistry / 2017
  • B.S., Chemistry
  • B.A., History
  • Minor, Mathematics



Justin Vallandingham

Co-Founder / COO

Justin has an analytical mind, with a keen sense for identifying and solving weak points in technical systems and business processes. For more than 10 years, he has proven his skills in the context of a wide variety of established companies, ranging from hardware retailers over software firms to the food & beverages sector, where he has built, ran and optimized process designs for various business units such as eCommerce, Supply Chain and inventory management. As a graduate of UC Davis with a BA in US History, it comes to no surprise that he first addresses problems with a careful review of the status quo. Justin uses structured approaches - such as system mapping - to systematically test for weaknesses and employ solutions. As an experienced consultant and project manager, he does not stop short of providing pragmatic solutions to identified weak spots. For example, in the past, he has addressed supply deficiencies by composing entirely new merchandising strategies, reshuffled product assortments or planned stores from scratch. Lastly, Justin is at the front-end of execution. To date, he has setup and ran numerous technical systems; built and opened new retail stores; and successfully crafted and managed the training and onboarding of first-time system users. Justin is both, a discerning problem solver as well as a pragmatic doer who enjoys leading projects to successful conclusions. These talents and passions Justin now brings together and hones as the Co-founder and COO of Senspoint, where he focuses on running the day-to-day business, as well as he is dedicated to guiding clients through an optimized project experience. 



University of California, Davis

  • B.A. History / 2009


Ideas are never developed in isolation. Many mentors, friends and advisors are part of our journey. Here are ours!

prof. Dean tantillo


prof. emeritus ann c. noble


corey beck

brian bashin